What we do

Our core business

We certify projects of carbon credit and stock

Project Registration

Use the Tero Platform to register your carbon project following one of our methodologies

Accreditation Certificate

After the audit, an accreditation certificate (NFT) will be issued with the generation of the asset

Issuance of certificates

Issue transfer, retirement and detokenization certificates to your customers

We are a digital certifier of carbon credits and stocks. We have developed a process that facilitates the registration, certification and management of your portfolio of environmental assets (carbon credit and stock).

We have our own methodologies that meet all the quality criteria for carbon credits required by the market.

Exclusive methodologies

Deposit of methodologies

If it is aligned with our strategy and meets the quality criteria for carbon credits, it is possible for your organization to deposit the methodology with Tero Carbon.


We pay royalties via a percentage of carbon credits certified by the methodology


Public Consultation

The methodologies deposited at Tero Carbon necessarily go through a Public Consultation phase

What we do


We are a Digital Certifier of Environmental Assets. If you want to talk, contact us!


Do you help to market the assets?

No. Tero Carbon is a certifying body and does not get involved in the commercial matters of our customers. To trade assets, look for companies or people that specialize in over-the-counter sales or tokenization for sale.

Do you help to assess whether my project has the potential to generate assets?

No. Tero Carbon does not provide the technical feasibility analysis service. To do so, look for specialized consultants in the evaluation and elaboration of projects that generate environmental assets.

Do you only certify projects?

Yes. Our role is to certify credit projects and carbon stocks. As an additional service, we also issue transfer, retirement and detokenization certificates, which allows for greater transparency, traceability and security for its customers.

Can you neutralize my emissions?

No. To neutralize your emissions you need to purchase carbon credits from one of our customers. He will be able to issue a carbon credit retirement certificate on behalf of your organization. With the GHG emissions inventory and the retirement certificate in the same amount, you can request a third party organization to issue a “Carbon Neutral” seal. Tero Carbon does not issue carbon neutralization / offset stamps.