Verification Process


Environmental Asset Verification

Tero provides an independent audit service to verify environmental assets (carbon credit and stock) generated through carbon projects certified by us. The assets generated by this process seek to meet the international criteria established by The Core Carbon Principles, with security, transparency and traceability. For this we carry out the following activities:

Information audit

We audit the new information provided in the project registration


We audit new project participants to validate information

remote sensing analysis

We analyze the permanence during the requested crediting period



The criteria for verifying environmental assets are:

1. The new (updated) information on the carbon project, recorded on the Tero Platform, is cohesive and in accordance with the chosen methodology;

2. Verification of Project Participants table updates:

3. Evidence of life (in the case of an Individual participant) or existence (in the case of a Legal Entity participant) of the new project participants was presented;


4. Demonstrate the land regularity of the rural properties registered in the project, providing updated negative certificates;

5. Provide a new spreadsheet containing data from the Sample Forest Inventory (IFA) in a standard format (to be provided by Tero), using the carbon stock quantification methods provided for in the chosen methodology, in case the last IFA was carried out on a date greater than than 5 (five) years;*

6. Statistical analyzes of data collected in the field are within expectations for the region of interest;

* Secondary data will only be accepted as a complement, not being used to calculate the carbon stock.

7. The crediting period (asset generation) must be in accordance with the chosen methodology;

8. Demonstrate Governance over the project areas through evidence that proves compliance with the methodological requirements for the generation of environmental assets.

9. It is necessary to present signed documents (models provided by Tero) such as:

    • Quotaholders Agreement informing how the assets will be distributed among the Tero Accounts;
    • Term of Guarantee of Non-Double Counting, attesting that the Rural Properties are not in nor were in the process of Verification in another certifying entity in Brazil or abroad, which can generate similar environmental assets in different certifying institutions, for the same crediting period.


Process Products

At the end of the certification process, two public products are generated:

Verification Report

Report with public information from the verification carried out for the period

accreditation certificate

Digital certificate (in NFT) recording the generation of environmental assets

Verification Process


We are a Digital Certifier of Environmental Assets. If you want to talk, contact us!


Who verifies the environmental assets?

Tero Carbon is the entity that audits and verifies the information that generates the environmental assets of projects certified by us.

At the end of the verification process, do I already have the generated assets?

Yes. The verification process generates environmental assets referring to the audited crediting period.

How many times can I check my project?

It depends on the methodology used. Consult the duration of a carbon project present in one of our methodologies.

How do I receive my assets?

Through an Account on our Tero Platform. All project quotaholders must have a Digital Wallet (Tero Account) that will be used to receive and record the balance of assets received.

Where is the information published?
Project information is published on our webpage (project area) and NFT accreditation, transfer and retirement certificates are published on the OpenSea Platform.