Digital Certifier for Environmental Assets

We are a Certification Body

Certify your credits and carbon stock in a simple, agile and secure way!

We are a digital certifier of carbon credits and stock. We connect our own methodologies, developed for the reality of the Amazon and Brazil, with technologies that facilitate project registration and provide transparency and security to asset transactions. We are a genuinely Amazonian and Brazilian certification body!

Methodologies made for the Amazon and Brazil

Own methodologies that respect Amazonian and Brazilian characteristics

The TERO.001 – REDD+ methodology was developed to certify Carbon Credits from projects of the REDD+ type (Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, including the conservation and increase of carbon stocks). Generate Verified Carbon Credits with quality and guarantee the liquidity of your assets.

Support from FIEAM

We have the support of the Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas

FIEAM (Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Amazonas, in English, Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas), institution that is part of CNI (Confederação Nacional da Indústria, in English, National Confederation of Industry), expresses to society and the carbon market its committed support for Tero Carbon, presenting it as a promising enterprise for the economy of the Amazon and Brazil.

Support from INPA Business Incubator

INPA and Tero Carbon Business Incubator Committed to the Amazon

The INPA (National Amazon Research Institute) Business Incubator announces its joint commitment with Tero carbon to preservation and sustainable development in the Amazon region, aiming to boost enterprises that seek harmony between economic growth and environmental conservation.

Incubadora do INPA e Tero Carbon firmam parceria estratégica

more liquidity of your asset

Our methodologies and processes follow criteria to generate high quality assets


Employment as a form of social development

project activities

Proof of emission avoidance, reduction or removal activities


Recording of transactions on the Blockchain public network to avoid double counting


Verification of permanence with on-site visit and history of satellite images


Evidence on the governance of the project area (not the surroundings)


Methodologies that follow the standards established by the IPCC


Verification of compliance with Brazilian laws and international good practices


Public Consultation

Mechanism used for methodologies and projects located in public areas


Deliver transparency and traceability of your assets with the security of Blockchain technology!

We use non-fungible tokens (NFT) to register emission, transfer, retirement and detokenization certificates! We use Polygon’s public network for registration and the OpenSea platform for better visualization of NFT-type certificates. More value and security for your verified carbon credits.

security of your tero wallet

Your Tero Wallet stores your assets with the security of Magic technology!

Magic Link

Your Tero Wallet uses Magic technology, which holds security certificates for storing crypto assets


Check your email and we will keep you informed of the main operations that take place in your Tero Account


We require two-factor authentication for key operations on your account, such as issuing certificates


It is strictly forbidden to carry out double-counting practices with Tero Certificates, even outside the Platform.

Even outside the TERO Platform, it is strictly prohibited to market or re-tokenize retirement certificates or any other practice that characterizes double-counting of verified carbon credits, such as, for example, re-tokenizing the same de-tokenization certificate twice or more or to commercialize the same de-tokenization certificate parallel to two or more entities (individuals or legal entities).