Tero Platform

Ease of registering your projects. Security and transparency in the transaction of your assets.

Tero Platform

Your digital platform for certification and asset management!

We have developed a platform that facilitates the registration and certification of your project. It is possible to register project participants, rural properties, data used in quantification, additionality and much more. At the end of the process, the Project Conception Document (PDD) is automatically generated and attached to the NFT certificate.

In addition, it uses Blockchain technology to provide more security and transparency in its transactions, issuing digital certificates (NFT) for transfer, retirement and detokenization.

Ease, security and transparency for the carbon market!

Security and Traceability

Web3 certificates

Our Tero Accounts gives you a digital wallet (Web3) so that your assets (NFT) are safely stored.

On the Platform itself, you manage the issuance of transfer, retirement and de-tokenization certificates (transactions) with all the ease, security and traceability that your customers need.

Deliver guarantees to your customers, avoiding double-counting problems with transactions between Tero Accounts.


Tero Platform

Discover the features

PDD generator

Automatic generation of the Project Design Document (PDD)


All registration and follow-up is done online, via the Platform

Issuance of Certificates

Issue NFT (Blockchain) certificates for your asset transactions


Deliver transparency and traceability of your assets with the security of Blockchain technology!

We use non-fungible tokens (NFT) to register emission, transfer, retirement and detokenization certificates! We use Polygon’s public network for registration and the OpenSea platform for better visualization of NFT-type certificates. More value and security for your verified carbon credits.

security of your tero wallet

Your Tero Wallet stores your assets with the security of Magic technology!

Magic Link

Your Tero Wallet uses Magic technology, which holds security certificates for storing crypto assets


Check your email and we will keep you informed of the main operations that take place in your Tero Account


We require two-factor authentication for key operations on your account, such as issuing certificates


Tero Carbon NFT certificates are also available at OpenSea

OpenSea is a non-custodial platform that allows users to access public NFT information (certificates) issued by Tero Carbon. Tero issues certificates for accreditation, transfer, retirement and detokenization of carbon credits.

Verified Carbon Credit Accreditation Certificate

Multi-Token ERC-1155

Verified Carbon Credit Transfer Certificate

Token Não-Fungível (NFT) ERC-721A

Verified Carbon Credit Retirement Certificate

Token Não-Fungível (NFT) ERC-721A


It is strictly forbidden to carry out double-counting practices with Tero Certificates, even outside the Platform.

Even outside the TERO Platform, it is strictly prohibited to market or re-tokenize retirement certificates or any other practice that characterizes double-counting of verified carbon credits, such as, for example, re-tokenizing the same de-tokenization certificate twice or more or to commercialize the same de-tokenization certificate parallel to two or more entities (individuals or legal entities).

Tero Platform


We are a Digital Certifier of Environmental Assets. If you want to talk, contact us!


Is there a subscription fee to use the platform?

No. Tero Carbon does not charge a subscription to use the platform. There is an administrative fee for the certification service and a fee for generating transfer and retirement certificates. See our fees and rates.

What is needed to use the platform?

The Tero Carbon platform runs entirely in the cloud, meaning there is no need to install anything. You enter using your PC, tablet or cell phone browser. To access it is necessary to register providing “proof of life”.

How does the Tero Platform prepare my DCP?

Automatically, based on the information provided in our forms. At the end of the certification process, a document (PDF) is generated and attached to the digital certificate (NFT) issued.

What is a retirement?

Retirement is a term used when you use part (or all) assets to offset your (or third) issue. In Blockchain, when you retire the asset we “burn” it, transferring it to the 0x0 wallet, where it can no longer be transferred or used (avoiding double counting).

What is a detokenization?

Detokenization is a term used when you remove part (or all) assets from your Tero Wallet to the “offline” world. In Blockchain, when you destikenize the asset we “burn” it, transferring it to the 0x0 wallet, where it can no longer be transferred or used (avoiding double counting).

Can I transfer or retire part (or all) assets of an exported or detokenized NFT?

No. Once you export or detokenize part (or all) assets of an NFT, it is no longer possible to transfer or retire part (or all) assets by Tero Carbon. In order for the Tero Platform to carry out these operations again, the asset must be in your (Digital) Tero Wallet.