Understand how we work

We work with an administrative fee for the carbon project certification service. When credits are issued (accreditation), a percentage is retained that is used to fund Tero’s services and to pay royalties to methodology developers.

For transactions, a fee is charged for issuing transfer, retirement and detokenization certificates.


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A Service Fee is charged for the Certification of Carbon Projects


A portion of the generated asset is retained as a Service Fee


A Service Fee is charged to issue transfer and retirement certificates (NFT)



We are a Digital Certifier of Environmental Assets. If you want to talk, contact us!


Is there a subscription fee to use the platform?

No. Tero Carbon does not charge a subscription to use the platform.

How much is the certification service fee?

To find out the value of the service fee for the certification of carbon projects, contact us.

What percentage of the verification service fee?

To find out the percentage of the service fee for verifying environmental assets, contact us.

How much is charged for issuing NFT certificates?

To find out the amount charged for issuing NFT transfer and retirement certificates, contact us.

How are charges made?
For the collection of certification amounts and issue of NFT certificates (transfer and retirement) a payment method is chosen by the customer (transfer, PIX). For the collection of the verification service fee, a percentage is automatically withheld at the time of issuance of the assets.