Tero Carbon announces support from INPA Business Incubator.

It is with great satisfaction that Tero Carbon announces a significant strategic partnership with the Business Incubator of the National Amazon Research Institute (INPA). This collaboration marks a joint commitment to preservation and sustainable development in the Amazon region, aiming to boost enterprises that seek harmony between economic growth and environmental conservation.

The partnership between Tero Carbon and INPA’s Business Incubator represents a firm step towards a future where innovation, economic development and environmental preservation go hand in hand. Together, we are committed to building a business model that not only contributes to the region’s economic growth, but also protects and enhances the rich biodiversity of the Amazon. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will bring not only to our organizations, but also to the community and environment around us..

Read the full support letter (in Portuguese):

Tero Carbon recebe apoio da Incubadora de empresas do INPA

About the INPA’s Business Incubator

Located in Manaus – Amazonas, the INPA Business Incubator is a technology-based institution dedicated to the creation, development and maturity of enterprises. Its fundamental role is to ensure the strengthening and competitiveness of these enterprises, concentrating efforts on the axes of entrepreneurship, technology, capital, market and management. With a precise focus on driving the growth of companies committed to sustainable practices, the INPA Incubator plays a crucial role in promoting businesses that not only prosper economically, but also respect and preserve the delicate Amazon ecosystem.

About Tero Carbon

Tero Carbon is a digital certifier of environmental assets, stocks and carbon credits. We work with exclusive methodologies, developed by partner institutions, which were submitted and approved in a Public Consultation instrument.

We have developed an independent process for certifying carbon projects and verifying environmental assets, supported by a technological platform developed to accelerate these processes. We issue certificates for the generation, transfer and retirement of carbon credits using Blockchain technology to ensure security and traceability of assets and the OpenSea Platform for transparency.

We share and support best market practices to deliver an asset with integrity, supported by eligibility criteria and socio-environmental safeguards, in accordance with best market practices, such as those established by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations (UN) and the Core Carbon Principles.