TERO.001 - REDD+

TERO.001 – REDD+



Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Uses (AFOLU)


Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, including the conservation and increase of carbon stocks (REDD+)


  • Avoided Planned Deforestation (APD)
  • Degraded Area Restoration (RAD)
  • Reduced Management



Verified Carbon Credit (tCO2e)

The TERO.001 methodology can be applied to rural properties located in the Brazilian Amazon. Every rural property, duly regularized and with forests, can generate carbon credits through Emissions Reduction projects through Prevented Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+).

A REDD+ project can be implemented in one or more rural properties (public or private). Its main objective is to bring about sustainable development through “zero deforestation”.

This methodology makes it possible to quantify the carbon stocks in the forest and estimate the emissions avoided by preserving and conserving the forest, as well as recovering degraded areas and reducing management.

By waiving the right to make an alternative use of the land, the proponent guarantees the non-emission and generates Carbon Credits, with the commitment to invest in sustainable development projects, thus generating jobs and income. We call this Additionality.

TERO.001 – REDD+


Forest in the Amazon Biome

The rural property must be located entirely in the Amazon biome

public or private properties

Private rural properties; Government and/or private Conservation Units of Sustainable Use that have the prerogative of alternative land use

rural property must be regular

The property needs to be properly documented and with macrozoning carried out and without overlaps

Minimum property size

At least 1 ha (one hectare or 10,000 m²) of forest located within the geographic limits of the Multiple Use Area of the property

No double counting guarantee

The property cannot have a REDD+ project registered/certified by another “standard/methodology” in the same crediting period


The sustainable development project must employ at least one employee

Project Activities

The project must develop at least one of the activities foreseen in the methodology


Project activities cannot occur due to obligation (Law, Infraction Notice, etc.)


TERO.001 – REDD+, Version 1.0 (Portuguese and English)

TERO.001 – REDD+


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Can I request certification of my project with the irregular property?

No. Tero Carbon does not certify projects that are not in compliance with the safeguards. If your rural property is not regularized, you can start the project registration process, but you will not be able to request certification until the time of regularization.

Do I need to have carried out a forest inventory to request project certification?

Yes. It is necessary to present a spreadsheet with the data collected in the field so that Tero Carbon can audit the data.

Do I need to prepare and submit my PDD?

No. The Project Design Document (PDD) is prepared by the Tero Carbon platform itself. It is only necessary to fill in the forms with the project information and the document is automatically generated by the platform.