How we do

How we do

Certify your credits and carbon stock in a simple, agile and secure way!

We have developed a platform that facilitates the registration, certification and management of your transfer, retirement and de-tokenization certificates. It is possible to register project participants, rural properties, data used for quantification, additionality and much more. At the end of the process, the Project Conception Document (PDD) is automatically generated and attached to the digital certificate (NFT) of accreditation. Transparency, security and facility that the market needs!

Tero Carbon Certification

Know the Process

1. Create your Account

The first step is to register on the Tero Platform, creating your digital wallet

2. Register the Project

Register your carbon project information on the Tero’s Platform

3. Apply for Certification

Request Tero Carbon’s audit of your carbon project information

4. Make the Adjustments

If prompted, make the necessary adjustments to your project

5. Certification

If the project complies with all the determinations, it receives the certification

6. PDD Publication

The Project Design Document (PDD) is published for consultation

Tero Carbon Verification

Know the Process

1. Update the Project

After the crediting period, update the documents and information

2. Request Verification

Set crediting period and request the project verification

3. Tero Verification

Tero Carbon’s technical team will verify the requested period

4. Make the Adjustments

If prompted, make the necessary adjustments to your project

5. Accreditation

If the project complies with all the determinations, it receives accreditation

6. Asset Management

You can manage assets by generating certificates (NFT) for your transactions

more liquidity of your asset

Our methodologies and processes follow criteria to generate high quality assets


Employment as a form of social development and preservation of biodiversity

project activities

Proof of emission avoidance, reduction or removal activities


Recording of transactions on the Blockchain public network to avoid double counting


Verification of permanence with on-site visit and history of satellite images


Evidence on the governance of the project area (not the surroundings)


Methodologies that follow the standards established by the IPCC


Verification of compliance with Brazilian laws and international good practices


Public Consultation

Mechanism used for methodologies and projects located in public areas

innovation for the market

The great innovation in issuing certificates at the service of the carbon market

We innovate by issuing your certificates on Polygon’s public Blockchain network. This makes it possible to provide transparency and traceability to the entire process, from issuance, transfer, retirement and detokenization. As this process avoids double counting, that is, when retiring a credit there is no way to transfer or retire it again.


Tero Carbon NFT certificates are also available at OpenSea

OpenSea is a non-custodial platform that allows users to access public NFT information (certificates) issued by Tero Carbon. Tero issues certificates for accreditation, transfer, retirement and detokenization of carbon credits.

Verified Carbon Credit Accreditation Certificate

Multi-Token ERC-1155

Verified Carbon Credit Transfer Certificate

Token Não-Fungível (NFT) ERC-721A

Verified Carbon Credit Retirement Certificate

Token Não-Fungível (NFT) ERC-721A

How we do


We are a Digital Certifier of Environmental Assets. If you want to talk, contact us!


How is the existence of the asset guaranteed?

Through audit and land due diligence carried out by Tero Carbon. The information is verified “in loco” and also digitally, through consultation with official databases. Contracts and Terms are also signed for greater guarantee and mitigation of double counting risks.

How is asset quality guaranteed?

Through the processes established by Tero Carbon. Projects need to be suitable with one of the methodologies deposited at Tero Carbon. They ensure that assets are generated with the quality required by the market.

How is the transfer of the asset guaranteed?

By issuing NFT-type digital certificates on behalf of the beneficiary. Records are also kept of all transactions carried out on the Platform, maintaining traceability and avoiding double counting.

How is asset retirement guaranteed?

When retiring an asset, a non-fungible retirement token (NFT) is issued in the name of the beneficiary. Also, part (or all) of the retired amount is “burned” (transferred to address 0x0), which prevents it from being transferred again (double counting).