A week marked by important events related to the carbon market

A week marked by important events related to the carbon market

Week marked by important events related to the carbon market. During the 19th and 20th of June, our CEO Francisco Higuchi and part of our team had the opportunity to discuss significant advances in this sector and present regulatory proposals. Follow the details below..

In Manaus – On the 19th, we participated in a special meeting with the Environmental Coordination of the Public Ministry of Accounts (MPC).

The meeting aimed to discuss the carbon market in the state of Amazonas and highlight its importance for environmental preservation. On that occasion, we presented the carbon market project in partnership with the Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas (FIEAM). In addition, we had the presence of representatives of the OAB/AM and the MPC, enriching the discussion.

In Brasília – On Tuesday, the 20th, we participated in the event “Dialogue: Regulated Carbon Market and Industrial Competitiveness”, promoted by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). During the event, CNI presented its proposal for the implementation of a regulated carbon emissions trading system in Brazil. This initiative is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and has an estimated potential of up to BRL 128 billion in revenue, according to the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) project.

Our participation in these events was extremely relevant, as we reinforced our commitment to the carbon market in Brazil and established valuable connections with other professionals and industry leaders. We believe in the potential of this market and are committed to driving its growth.

For more information about the event that deals with CNI’s proposal for the Brazilian regulated carbon market, we invite you to access the full article on the CNI website.

We are excited about the advances made and committed to contributing to building a sustainable future through the carbon market. Follow our next updates to learn more about our initiatives and partnerships in this field that is so important for the environment.