Public Consultation


Public Consultation

Steps to follow 

All certification has as one of its main pillars the clarity of the rules, transparency of its processes and the engagement of society in the discussion of issues related to its methodologies.

The steps described are the roadmap to follow to meet all criteria and reach completion of version 1.0.

  • 11/06/2023 to 12/05/2023Online form available for sending comments and suggestions about the  TERO.004 – Carbon Stock in Agrosilvopastoral System Methodology;
  • 12/06/2023 à 12/29/2023Analysis of all contributions coming from the public form;
  • To be determinedOnline seminar to present an overview of the TERO.004 – Carbon Stock in Agrosilvopastoral System Methodology and also interact with the public.

Public Consultation


TERO.004 – Carbon Stock in Agrosilvopastoral System

AFOLU, Carbon Stock

Verified Carbon Credit (tCO2e)

11/06/2023 to 12/05/2023

TERO.004 – Carbon Stock in Agrosilvopastoral System is an Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use methodology (AFOLU, acronym in English), in this first version, aimed at the cultivation of Coffee throughout the Brazilian territory. The methodology provides for the generation of Verified Carbon Credit (by Removal), represented by one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). The project’s commitment period is unlimited, that is, its closing date can be defined later by communicating it to the certifier and the market.

The objective of this methodology is the generation of environmental assets in projects that promote the removal, conservation and preservation of carbon stocks in agroforestry farming systems throughout Brazilian territory. It is an incentive for farmers who, through their agricultural activities, contribute to the global climate balance.

The Carbon Stock of the project area can be monitored periodically through verification. Any verified increase in carbon stocks in the crop will be considered a Verified Carbon Credit in the amount exceeding the maximum stock previously measured.

The methodology, within the concept of Payment for Environmental Services (PSA), has as co-benefits the conservation and preservation of biome biodiversity and sustainable development. In addition to maintaining carbon stocks from agricultural crops, forestry is also accepted as a way of enriching biomass stocks.



AFOLU Methodology TERO.004 - Carbon Stock in Agrosilvopastoral System


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