Public Consultation

TERO.002 - REDD Methodology

Public Consultation


Every certification has as one of its main pillars the clarity of the rules, transparency of its processes and the engagement of society in the discussion of issues related to its methodologies.

The steps outlined are the roadmap followed to meet all criteria and reach version 1.0 completion.

  • 05/22/2023 to 06/21/2023Online form available for sending comments and suggestions about the TERO.002 – REDD Methodology;;
  • 06/22/2023 to 07/21/2023Analysis of all contributions from the public form, which will be considered in our next methodology update;
  • 07/24/2023Version 1.0 of the TERO.002 – REDD Methodology published;
  • 08/23/2023 (2pm Brasília) – Online seminar to present the overview of the TERO.002 – REDD Methodology and also interact with the public.

public consultation




Verified Carbon Credit (tCO2e)

05/22/2023 to 06/21/2023

The TERO.002 – REDD Methodology has as its main objective the generation of verified carbon credits from forestry projects through Avoided Planned Deforestation (APD) in the Amazon Biome. REDD stands for Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation.

The approach in this methodology is based on environmental impacts, focusing on keeping the forest standing, on the preservation and conservation of biodiversity. Eligible rural properties include both public and private properties with natural forests in the Amazon Biome.



Recording of the methodology presentation

TERO.002 - REDD Methodology


Continuous improvement

Send your contributions to improve the TERO.002 – REDD methodology through one of our contact channels.