Tero Carbon complete 1 year, thank you very much!

A year ago, we launched ourselves on the market as a digital certifier of carbon credits and stocks. During this period, we guarantee the fulfillment of our mission in the market: We unite our own methodologies, developed for the reality of the Amazon and Brazil, with technologies that simplify project registration, providing transparency and security in asset transactions.

Our actions speak louder than words; – construction moments in the office, at events, immersed in the Amazon, carrying out public consultations. We are fully convinced that, just as the voluntary carbon market has progressed, we, as a certifier, share the same objective!

Tero Car

We thank everyone who was part of this first year and we extend a warm welcome to our second year! With the authentic essence of the Amazon and Brazil!

Yours sincerely,
Tero Carbon Team

About Tero Carbon

Tero Carbon is a digital certifier of carbon credit and stock that has its own methodologies for generating certified quality environmental assets, such as Carbon Credit and Carbon Stock.

We have developed a platform that, in addition to facilitating the registration and certification process, uses Blockchain technology to generate issue, transfer and retirement certificates (NFT), providing greater transparency, traceability and avoiding double counting.

Tero Carbon is a Brazilian certifier, located in Manaus, Amazonas, in the middle of the Amazon Forest. We are very proud to be supported and guaranteed by the Federation of Industries of the Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Amazonas (FIEAM), which shares the mission of contributing to the economic development of the region, now also through a carbon market.